Now there's another great reason to shop at NCIX. Introducing NCIX's VIP membership program, an exclusive service that offers our customers additional services to our already great service.

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Priority Service

VIP members get priority service from NCIX -- all electronic tickets, RMA requests and phone calls are processed with the highest priority.

Extended Warranties on Selected OEM Products

VIP members will automatically receive extended warranty coverage on selected OEM components, giving added peace of mind when buying OEM parts. Under the VIP program, members will enjoy additional in-store service coverage on slected products, in addition to the manufacturer's standard warranty on the merchandise.

Free RMA and Merchandise Return Shipping

If for any reason you need to ship back any defective merchandise to NCIX for exchange or warranty coverage, ground shipments will be paid and covered by over VIP program.

Terms & Conditions

NCIX will cover th cost of shipping back any merchandise only to NCIX (for RMA and warranty coverage) that is shipped by Ground service, by the following common carriers: UPS or Purolator. This offer does not cover shipping costs when shipping merchandise to manufacturers, distributors or authorized service depots for warranty service.